Celebratory Bride Hand made, Hand Built Clay, Ceramic Tray, Platter, Dish in Charlotte NC Home Studio, Ready to Ship, Colorful Wedding

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This is one of my Bride Tray/Platter/Dish. They have gone over really well. I Hand Built this in my home Studio in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been putting people on my pots for a while and I thought why not a Bride! It’s fun. Finally after a rough couple of years weddings are back. I am just having too much fun. I first draw out the design with a tool and then carve out the clay to reveal the image. After firing it once, I hand glaze each dot, clothing, item and even the shoes. Again, I’m having too much fun imaging her dancing, spending their lives together, celebrating their union. My influences are Chinese and Mexican Folk Art. Can you tell? This one measures about 7 1/2” X 5 1/2” X 1” tall. Thank you for looking. It has a glossy red trim and glazed flower bottom.