Hand Built Ceramic Clay Floral Tray Hand Carved and Hand Glazed in my Home Studio in Charlotte, NC. Ready to Ship

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I hand built and hand carved this tray in my home studio in Charlotte, NC. It's long and thin, trimmed with a nice blue/teal glaze. The flowers and leaves were all carved when in the leather hard stage. I used three different reds to glaze the flowers. The leaves are mint green. I like the variance in the reds. Folk art is my influence for this line of work. I use all food safe glazes. This could be used for crackers, cookies, or any other food items you plan on serving. Enjoy. It’s approximately 13 1/2” by 2” but fans out to 3" in the middle. I like it. It's a nice shape. The bottom is nice too. Has colorful dots and flowers using underglazes and an oxide wash.