Hand Carved Clay Pottery Bird House created in my Home Studio in Charlotte, NC, Ready to Ship and Hang, Grassy outside with floral bottom, Fun flower top

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This is a hand made ceramic birdhouse that I hand crafted in my art studio in Charlotte, NC. It is thrown and altered. It is heavily carved while in the leather hard stage. This piece was thrown thick so I had lots of opportunity for carvings. This is a larger colorful birdhouse. It’s grassy all around with a floral bottom. Lots of different greens. The top is a haybale pale yellow. It breaks nice over my carvings. I really like it!! Lots of vent holes on this guy. Would be ideal for larger birds if hung above 6’ high. Cardinals love the larger openings. Smaller birds will close up the opening with twigs to feel saver. Thanks for looking. I also put lots of drain holes and vent holes for the little birds to have some breeze. I recommend hanging it in the shade to help keep it cool. I’ve had one hanging for many years and good so far. At the time I posted this house I’ve had several nests in mine. I bisque fire to Cone 04 then hand glaze for a final Cone 5 or 6 Electric kiln firing. My influences are largely Mexican and Chinese Folk Art. My education is Industrial Design so there is a certain amount of Mechanical Design that go in to my pieces. I took 15 plus years of art at our local community college as well as continue my education through workshops.