Hand made, thrown and altered, hand glazed Bird Feeder decorated with carved design and textured with dots and has stainless steel hanger. Made in Charlotte, NC Home Studio. Ready to Ship and hang

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Orange and yellow trimmed Ring style Bird Feeder, Hand Carved and Glaze fired to Cone 5 with bright colors. Has a curved spot for throwing a handful of bird seed into. This is meant to be emptied by the birds in a just a few days so it doesn’t have time to get yucky by being outside for too long. This Bird Feeder allows us to provide fresh seed to the little ones. Just throw a small handful in every few days. Great way to keep the birds coming back for fresh seed. If it gets wet just clean out with a paper towel to keep fresh. I have three similar pieces hanging relatively close together on Shepard’s hooks in my front yard. There’s lots of activity, mostly in the morning and evening. It’s glazed and electric fired in my home studio in Charlotte, NC. It’s ready to ship and has a stainless steel leader wire hanger rated for 90 lbs. Thank you for looking.