Hand made, Hand carved Ceramic, Clay, Sandwich, Muffin, Fruit Tray, Made in Home Studio in North Carolina, Ready to Ship, Food safe glazes, Lots of color, Folkart style

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This one is trimmed in a super glossy metallic gloss.  The trim really is amazing. I love it. It’s about 11” long. This is one of my lovely handmade, hand carved and hand glazed trays. It’s bursting with color. Each hand carved item whether it be a flower, leaf, dot, shirt, pants, dress, hair or shoes it’s glazed with precision and care. It’s loud and vivid, just how I like it. I lived in the desert Southwest for some time and traveled to China twice. There I fell in love with folk art, story telling through art and the bright colors in those cultures. I brought them with me to North Carolina where I built a home studio on my property in South Charlotte. I’ve raised my two Chinese daughters while working from home a privilege for sure. All of my work is hand made by me with care to detail. I’m proud of my work and I know you will be thrilled with it as well. Thank you for looking and for supporting me in my effort to bring happiness to the world with a little color.

Jodi Lynn