Handmade Hand Carved Clay Pottery Floral Top Bird House in Home Studio in Charlotte, NC, Ready to Ship and Hang, Bright Colorful Flowers

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This is a hand made ceramic birdhouse that I hand crafted in my art studio in Charlotte, NC. It is thrown and altered. It is heavily carved while in the leather hard stage. This piece was thrown thick so I had lots of opportunity for deep carvings. I zoomed in so you can see how pronounced the colorful flowers are. The front view makes me think of a mouth with a raised upper lip. I individually glazed each petal in that top flower. Very happy with the detail to the roof. I also like the feel of the Haybale glaze. It goes on kind of chalky and dry so it’s challenging that way but the feel is nice after firing. I like a lot about this piece. The colors are especially vivid. He will not disappoint. I also put lots of drain holes and vent holes for the little birds to have some breeze. I recommend hanging it in the shade to help keep it cool. I’ve had one hanging for 8 years and good so far. I bisque fire to Cone 04 then hand glaze for a final Cone 5 or 6 Electric kiln firing. My influences are largely Mexican and Chinese Folk Art. My education is Industrial Design so there is a certain amount of Mechanical Design that go in to my pieces.