Lovely Heavily Carved Yellow and Orange Flower Dish. Hand Carved and Hand Glazed Ceramic Dish with 3 molded floral feet. Charlotte NC

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I absolutely love this little dish. It screams 70’s with the yellow and orange glazes. I hand built this in my studio in Charlotte NC. When it’s in the leather hard stage, I carved the clay to create the floral motif. After it’s fired once I glazed it with what I call a “liner” glaze to bring out the carved parts.  I then hand paint every petal and section with three coats of glaze and fire it again in an electric kiln. It’s sort of a labor of love. It’s crazy time consuming but I love the results. It measures about 6 1/2” across and stands up about 1 1/2”. I use food safe glazes if you decided to use it in the kitchen. It’s one of my better smaller items. I think you will like it. Thanks for looking and for supporting folks trying to make a living from creating art.