Three Sided Hand Built Hand Glazed Ceramic Vessel Heavily Carved in my Home Studio in Charlotte NC

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Introducing my Journey People Pots. For a few years now I've been journaling on my art using a Folk Art Style influenced by my time in China and living near the Mexican border. I fell in love with the art of storytelling and the folk art style while travelling. I am incorporating it in my current ceramic art. I love the bright colors and simplicity of Folk Art. This line of work almost always contains a path or "journey" line with a multitude of people of all kinds. Note: no one is ever alone. We are either on the journey of life or hanging on to one another, much like each of us. Many times I make a cameo appearance and add folks I meet on my journey. Do you see yourself? 

This line of work is made with thick slabs of speckled brownstone clay to give plenty of opportunity to do my deep carving, which is becoming my signature style. My Industrial Design Bachelors is where the measuring and construction comes in. I roll out the slabs about 1/2 inch thick and cut each section according to desired shape then construct using slip and scoring for attachment. The detailed carving is done in usually 3 separate sittings at the leather hard stage, fired to cone 05 then each detail is hand glazed by me. It's a painfully long process but I love the results. It is then electric kiln fired to 2167 degrees Fahrenheit.

This one is three sided, just over 11" tall and  5 1/2" wide at the base. It tapers to 8" at the top with a heavily carved floral design around the rim. The colors are vivid. This is a fun showy piece, you would be proud to own. 

There is a handling fee at check out for this line of special work. It allows for UPS double boxing and secure handling. I took my work down to the UPS store and walked them through what I required for safe arrival. I'm confident they will treat your work of art with great respect.